Official results - 22 IFAF Camera 300

- DIPLOMA FOR ECO PRESENTATION – Bitola on bike, Aleksandar Bunevski, Makedonia
- DIPLOMA FOR HUMANISTIC APPROACH – Penko hero, Vladimir Iliev, Bugaria
- BRONZE PLAQUE – Mute school, CC Ivan Bratanov, Bugaria
- SILVER PLAQUE - Milk, Franc Kopich, Slovenia
- GOLDEN PLAQUE – Story of my life, Ivan Nishotovski, Makedonia
- PLAQUE FOR IDEA – Brother Dimo, Zahari Zahariev, Bugaria
- PLAQUE FOR REPORTAGE – Pushkin with gypsies, Alina Lenadami, Moldova
- PLAQUE FOR EDITING – Big house, Gorgi Vasev, Bugaria
- PLAQUE FOR CAMERA – Albatin tells, Valentina Ilievska, Makedonia
- PLAQUE FOR DIRECTOR “DRAGI SAVEVSKI” – After the end, Ljupcho Petrovski, Makedonia
- UNICA MEDAL – Ederlezi, Naim Alili, Makedonia
- GRAN PRIX – Disobeying, Aleksandar Golovin, Russia

Festival dedicated to Camera 300

Nowadays, art in its all forms surpasses borders which limit man's living and creation in time and space. Film and film presentation are these ambassadors with which the city of Bitola and the Republic of Macedonia travel throughout the world. The Manaki brothers (Janaki and Milton) with their Camera 300 showed us pictures from the way of life in Bitola and the Balkans on a 35 mm film so that the today's film makers can tell us their stories behind their cameras and create their visions through motion pictures. Film as an art, presents Bitola  as a film city of two international festivals: The Manaki Brothers' Film Festival - a world director's film festival and the festival of non-professional documentary film category FADF  Camera 300