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Today, as we commemorate the 55th anniversary of the death of Milton Manaki, Bitola rightly carries the predicate - UNESCO Film City. We, the “Milton Manaki Cinema Club”, which is the organizer of the FADF “Camera 300”, are proud of this title. Namely, the Club, and the Festivalas well has been under UNESCO protection for a long time thanks to the patronage of UNIKA, which is also under the umbrella of this world organization. In addition to our festival which hosts many film festivals, Bitola has other activities in the field of film and film culture such as:

International Film Festival of Cinematographers “Manaki Brothers”, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, and there are of course various activities and presentations within the festival. Particular emphasis should be given to the activity in Bitola, which has numerous filmmakers from home and abroad filming in Bitola and the wider environment, thus making Bitola an open-air film studio through which a large number of Bitola's participants are extras, artists (from the Bitola Theater) as well as other assistants in the success of film making.


The centuries are seen in the eye
on the mirror of warm wind
in white cloth on painted wall,
people see each other
in the time that passes
Milton Manaki!

The step and the breathing are flame
in the soul the address is the Balkans:
before the attempt for the existence and the father-land
should be recorded with paint on clear field,
streets of heroism and rape grade
water of rich rivers and small squares.

Some weddings should be recorded
komita with gun in his hand,
sultan in a coach
and the people who greet each other
to record Consuls on a ball.

The history has the magic of silence,
hidden legend
of Bitola pride
call the master,
Manaki calls:
Excellency, just a moment!

Pande Manojlov